Why You Should Attend Eng-Camp


If you haven’t attended Eng-Camp before, I know the idea of it can be scary. Perhaps you don’t know anyone who’s attending. Perhaps the idea of “camp” is a little hokey. I understand. I wanted to clarify what you can expect and why you should put this on your summer calendar ASAP.

What will the day look like?

  1. When you show up, you’ll be greeted with pastries of some sort and GOOD coffee. You’ll mingle.
  2. You’ll write down ideas of what you want to talk about, focusing on two areas: aspects of the profession you feel comfortable sharing and aspects of the profession with which you need support. (Y’all, you have good things to share! I know it! And don’t feel bad if you’re coming with more questions than answers. Most of us will.)
  3. We’ll build the conversation schedule from areas of interest.
  4. We’ll move through the schedule with volunteer facilitators and note-takers. We’ll share real things that work in our classrooms, laugh about things that haven’t, problem-solve together, and share a boatload of resources. 
  5. After two sessions, we’ll eat awesome barbecue for lunch (Hickory Park–on the house!).
  6. At the end of the day, we’ll debrief, share contact info, give away prizes, high five, and feel pumped about the year ahead.
  7. If you’re so inclined, you may join other interested parties in a beverage at Olde Main brewery following the event.


Why should you come? Let me share 3 testimonials from Eng-Camp with you. These are from an anonymous survey, so no names, but I promise they are legit.

“There was very little helpful collaboration among teachers at my school. It was so great to be here and learn from others who are also passionate about what they do.”

“I loved the flexibility and open forum of the day.  It allowed me to talk about my personal concerns/questions and contribute where and when I felt comfortable.”

“Conferences are so often sit-and-listen. I appreciated all the sharing and interaction. The groups were just the right size–small enough we could actually discuss.  Great bagels. I love to be surrounded by people who want to be really good at what they do. It lifts me up.”
Please contact me with any questions at [email protected], or click HERE to register. I can’t wait to learn with you on August 1st! Let’s make this our best Eng-Camp yet.