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Episode 4

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Episode 4 of ICTE’s YO TEACH Podcast


Welcome to Episode 4 of the YO TEACH Podcast, brought to you by the Iowa Council of Teachers of English. Thank you for having the courage to teach and for supporting this podcast.


Show Notes




Maureen Snook, Rafael Benitez, and Vanessa Horstman just completed their first year teaching. All three share their experiences throughout the 2016-17 school year and provide us with a variety of things to consider and learn from as we all reflect on the past year.


A special thanks to members of the ICTE Executive Board — Melanie Wirtz, Jess Cakrasenjaya, Rafael Benitez, Haley Moehlis, Erin Miller, Missy Springsteen-Haupt, Jen Paulsen, Allison Berryhill, JoAnn Gage, and Kirstey Ewald — for their contributions to the Yo Teach! segment.




Here are the books mentioned in this episode. Do yourself a favor, and add them to your TBR list.


Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant


Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel



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Episode 4