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Defending Challenged Texts

Help in Defending Challenged Texts

If you find yourself in a situation where a text from your classroom is being challenged by a parent, student, or community member, we at ICTE are here to help you.

  • Check out the INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM CENTER on the NCTE website for resources.
  • Look for arguments and rationale for keeping that text available in your school. You can find ready-made rationales on the searchable database provided by NCTE if you are a member.  BOOK RATIONALES
  • Email the ICTE Executive Board at  to request help in teacher-written letters of support for keeping that text available in your school. We can also see if we have members in your area who are willing to attend school board meetings. It would be helpful to use your school email account to verify your identity.
  • Join our IOWA COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH Facebook group for immediate response from Iowa teachers.
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Defending Challenged Texts