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Skip Olson, Teacher Writer
November 23, 2022

I. Some of my favorite things to hear    “I need a new book.” “Do you have any other books by this author?” “I need a bookmark.”   II. A Bookmark Means   You found a story you want to come back to.   A story was so good that  you’re willing to wait for it  until the next day.   You don’t want to miss a thing,  you...

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Rooted in Truth, Reaching for Light

2022 ICTE Fall Conference Attendees
November 3, 2022

Rooted in Truth, Reaching for Light A Community Poem by ICTE teachers–Fall Conference 2022 I’m rooted in truth. I’m rooted in playdough and beanbags, where to play is to learn and to learn is to be human Letting kids explore helps them understand That we are all human, And reinforces my belief that I’m making a difference -   I am rooted in the belief that students...

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GG: A Poem

Brandon Baggett, Teacher Writer
October 28, 2022

GG Entering engulfed in darkness, once illuminated by your presence.    Coats still hang in the closet candy still sits in the secret stash a sweet sound still in my ear a tear. Love still on my heart and in my head, I’m holding on by a thread.   Scouring this empty place for blurred illusions of once-occupied space: Just watching television  or...

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Teaching Self-Care: How I Dedicated an Entire Week to Mental Health

Kaitlyn Vasey, Teacher Writer
August 15, 2022

As a new teacher who is only five years older than many of my students, I have the unique ability to understand what they need since I was in their shoes not too long ago. One thing I needed more than anything in high school was a break; I needed my teachers to recognize how far I was stretching myself between academics, friends, activities, and family. I saw that same need in my students, so I dedicated...

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What We Learned: A Community Poem

Barb Edler and Allison Berryhill
July 29, 2022

    Learning to Hope After 28 Years+ of Experience By Barb Edler In our classrooms  We learn Grace and empathy Kindness and virtue Possibilities and persistence   In our classrooms We develop Relationships and individuals New languages; experience A welcoming bravery   In our classrooms We breathe Giving our all For students;...

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Summer Reflection

Lauren Stephens, Teacher Writer
June 24, 2022

At some point each summer I sit down with the boxes I’ve collected important parts of my life into and the drawers I’ve indiscriminately filled with anything and everything throughout the school year. Part of this standing appointment I have with myself is to make sure I’m shredding unnecessary documents and throwing out expired coupons, but the more enjoyable portion is rereading and organizing...

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