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To Be Seen and Heard

Holly Esbeck
October 17, 2020

Because some people had told me racism was a thing of the past. But that was nuts. Because racism was alive and real as shit. Unless we did something about it. What the hell did he die for If it doesn’t count for all of us. Asking only to be seen and heard.  

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Students Speak

Allison Berryhill and Lauren Stephens
October 4, 2020

Contributors: Susan Ackerman, Allison Berryhill, Holly Esbeck, Britt Jungck, Kenna Koster, Lisa Robinson, Lauren Stephens, Nicole Vogt      

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Joyful Haikus

September 16, 2020

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Two Poems

Rex Muston, Teacher Writer
July 27, 2020

Poem 1 FEELING PRAYERS My fears are unimpressive, spilling over from an asthmatic childhood after bedtimes, some 50 years gone.   But they are persistent,  constricting my chest, and snagging my brain like a yanked treble hook.   I hold the hand of what-ifs like Ebenezer hovering with the spirit of Yet to Come, looking down at an undetermined darkness.   And...

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Kim Van Es, Teacher Writer
June 30, 2020

A Teacher’s Encounters with Difference   For teachers just like everyone else, there is a process to getting woke, especially when it comes to understanding the role of skin color in America.   Clip 1: Growing up in a NW Iowa county that was 97% white, my perceptions of people of color came mostly from mission slides at church. People with darker skin were generally poor, from...

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Mr. K

Lauren Stephens, Teacher Writer
June 11, 2020

Mr. K The morning after your funeral, I walked past your classroom and stood in the doorway to take in how much of you filled every corner. Photos of your wife your infant daughter Cubs memorabilia Lambeau souvenirs fantasy brackets still pinned to a bulletin board Five years worth of student projects collected dust in the quiet Saturday sun. Less...

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