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When I Picture My Father

Jennifer Hartwig, Teacher-Writer
November 17, 2019

When I picture my father, I picture a truck, My father stepping up and climbing in, Ready to head to the field or to deliver grain to the elevator, Or proudly opening the door for his satisfied customer to take the wheel.   When I picture my father,  I picture a tractor,  My father perched atop, Confident and comfortable like it’s his recliner,  But alert with...

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Two Poems

Rex Muston, Teacher Writer
November 4, 2019

  GOOD TO SEE SCOTT   The rotten trunk of the dead oak at the home of my children’s mother lasted longer than our marriage ever could.   Last week it gave up the ghost, falling with an imagined death rattle across the fence into Kathy’s yard.   We bonded looking at it as we sweated, and bonded as we father and sons struggled and bonded as we stopped...

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Reflections of a First-Time Presenter

Lisa Robinson, Teacher-Writer
October 21, 2019

The days of ICTE are ones that I look forward to each fall, not only because I know I will feel rejuvenated and excited about my profession, but because I love seeing familiar faces and sharing my passion with like-minded people. I also laugh A LOT.   This year I presented for the first time. Yikes. During the 2018 conference, I kept looking around and thinking, I could totally do this. I SHOULD...

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What Teacher-Writers Want

Allison Berryhill, ICTE Publications Co-chair
October 12, 2019

Teacher-writers gathered in the Meadows Room at 2019 ICTE Fall Conference Thursday evening to put pen to the page. Again on Friday, during "Active Voice: A Teacher-Writer Round Table," we opened our time together with one of my favorite poem-model writing prompts. Mirroring C. G. Hanzlicek's beautiful poem "What I Want Is" invites us to explore our desires. As we unspool our wants, we learn about...

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“Caterpillars” and “Unwavering”

Candace Berkley
October 2, 2019

Caterpillars The smell of parsley reminds me of late summer, when the freedom of June days is but a feeling fading fast into the routine of school. My mother always planted parsley in big clay pots, and the black swallowtail butterflies loved parsley. Its vibrant green, small-but-sturdy stalks capped with little explosions of leaves might have been what drew the butterflies, but I think it was,...

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Two Poems: “The Family Farm” and “Students”

Jan Luton, Teacher Writer
August 15, 2019

The Family Farm A place of tranquility    cradled in the country. A nurturing nest    that houses good beginnings. A chameleon patch in a quilt   with seasonal changes. An entertainment   with business of production. A checkerboard of seasons   white, brown, green and gold. A grocery sack    that suppers the table of man. A place to rest.   Students Students...

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