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Lauren Stephens saves treasured notes from students and parents as a reminder of why she teaches.
Summer Reflection
Lauren Stephens, Teacher Writer • June 24, 2022

At some point each summer I sit down with the boxes I’ve collected important parts of my life into and the drawers I’ve indiscriminately...

May 25,2022
Moving Beyond the Mourning
Rex Muston May 26, 2022

I think on the lost souls of the children the lost potentials, shifted from sunny wills to cold stillness, caught student photo frozen in...

Teaching The Odyssey with Greek Hospitality
Teaching "The Odyssey" with Greek Hospitality
Emma Bireline April 30, 2022

My English 9 class recently finished Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. Students read Gareth Hind’s graphic novel as well as one book from...

Ditch the Toolbox
Ditch the Toolbox
Skip Olson, Teacher Writer • April 4, 2022

“Here’s another tool you can put in your toolbox.” You’ve heard it before. We’ve all heard it from other teachers, administrators,...

I Am an Iowa Teacher
I Am an Iowa Teacher
Susan Vernon, Teacher-Writer • March 5, 2022

I am an Iowa teacher. I have taught hundreds, maybe thousands of Iowa teenagers over more than two decades. I have given each of them...

An English Teacher Speaks out Against Censorship
An English Teacher Speaks out Against Censorship
Jon Fisher, Teacher Writer • January 15, 2022

This essay was originally published in the Dewitt Observer on Dec. 28, 2021. As the late science fiction writer Harlan Ellison stated, “You...

Cornelius Minor
Register for the 2022 Fall Conference!
Brenna Griffin, Conference Chair April 15, 2022

  ICTE Fall Conference 2022 As an English teacher, whenever the concept of truth enters a classroom discussion, I’m compelled to ask...

ICTE Provides Zoom Series to Address Book Challenges
ICTE Provides Zoom Series to Address Book Challenges
November 6, 2021

The Iowa Council of Teachers of English will provide a series of Zoom meetings to walk teachers through the process of what to do when a...

What They Don’t Know
What They Don’t Know
ICTE 2021 Conference Attendees October 16, 2021

What they don’t know is that my classroom is a delicate ecosystem A playground, a petri dish, for practice and patience We try and fail...

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