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Teacher Writings

We want to hear from YOU! We are looking for pieces 200-600 words in length, reflecting on classroom experiences, teaching strategies, and/or life in the classroom, or ANYTHING written by teachers. Teacher writings do not have to be about school. We are hoping for a variety of writing styles and points of view.
Your Writer Self
What are your writing passions outside of teaching? Are you a poet? An essayist? Share your writing in any genre or topic.
Share your Experiences
What do you love about being an English teacher? What was amazing in your classroom this week? Share any part of your life as a teacher-learner.
Favorite Novels to Teach?
Do you have a favorite novel for a specific age group? A specific lesson that always gets students excited about reading? Write a post and let us know!
Writing Lessons that Work
What do you do in your classroom to encourage student writers? Are there prompts, activities, or lessons that inspire writers in your classroom? Share with the ICTE community.

Managing the Work Load
How do you achieve a work/life balance as an active English teacher? Are there tips you’ve found to make it work? When do you feel overwhelmed? Share with ICTE.

Ready to submit?

Email [email protected] to share a piece for the ICTE Journal. Google Docs preferred. Please include a brief (2-3 sentence bio and any images of your choice. We want to hear from you!

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Teacher Writings