Earn Graduate Credit: ICTE’s Fall Conference

ICTE Conference Graduate Credit Option

One hour of graduate credit is available for attending this year’s ICTE conference and completing the following coursework requirements. Tuition: $100

Note: UNI limits the number of workshop credits which can apply to graduate degrees.

To register, go to: distance.uni.edu/enroll

In Section 7 use this Course # & Title: 5133 ICTE Workshop; Credit: 1 hr. Instr: Davis                                   In Section 8 indicate graduate credit.

Course Description

Persons registering for one hour of undergraduate or graduate credit through UNI Continuing Education based on their experience attending the Iowa Council of Teachers of English 2015 Fall Conference are required to do the following:

  • Enroll for the credit. Indicate your interest in credit on the conference registration form, and you will receive instructions about how to enroll.
  • Attend the conference Thursday, October 8 and Friday, October 9. (Please make contact with Jim Davis and meet with others who register for credit.)
  • Submit by November 18, 2015, a 6+ page, edited and double- spaced paper which contains the following:
  1. A review of several significant professional development “events/ encounters/moments” you experience at the conference: sessions attended, professional discussions engaged in, advance reading, professional literature reviewed, new professional contacts made, etc.  Further, discuss extensively your projections for the impact of two or more of these experiences on your specific teaching practices. Preface this “heart” of the paper, with a concise description of your professional experience, current setting (level, focus, etc.), teaching assignment and context (information about your community, district, building & department/load).
  2. A plan to share information from your conference experience with colleagues in your district, and reflection on having done so.

Be sure your name is on each page and that contact/return information is on the paper.     Send your paper, postmarked or emailed by November 18, 2015, to:
James S. Davis, Associate Professor of English Education
University of Northern Iowa
1001 Bartlett Hall
Cedar Falls IA 50614-0502

Questions about the course?  Contact: 319-273-3842 or [email protected]