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    Brenna GriffinJul 25, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    Wow, Jim, I have heard you describe this incident, and still, the power of the writing moves me. The moment you grab the boy’s hands grabs me: “Eye to eye we waited for a moment. One solid whack elicited a moan; the next brought a writhing sob; the third and last left him limp and crying. Quickly dismissed, he was sent past the secretaries and student aides who had heard his shame, back into his adolescent high school world where he had little more power than in the principal’s office.”

    It makes me think about discipline, management, structure in a system that certainly demands it for any learning to take place. However, the culture and feeling that creates and supports this structure is the real issue. You articulate this so vividly. I will carry this with me as I head into a new school year. Thanks.

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