Two Empty Chairs: A Poem


Two Empty Chairs

We waited, saving the last two chairs for them
Small talking about bleacher-friend days
Asking the catch-up question, “What’s new?”
It wasn’t unusual, that these two would come late.

She would often stop to greet some long-unseen friend.
He’d stop beside with his caring “And how are you?”
Then with his gentle reminder nudge, he’d quietly
Suggest they move on, “Friends are saving two seats.”

But today, he’d found her–with some friends not lately seen
She bright-eyed grabbed him for their long-awaited hug
Today, he has no need to give his gentle reminder nudge
“Come sit, Jim, I’ve saved your chair by mine.”

With joy, they begin their catch-up on years of in-between
And for us? We’ll wait with patience beside two empty chairs.

Carol A. Clark taught English three years at Central Community CSD, DeWitt, IA; one year at Perryville, MD; and fifteen years at Preston/Easton Valley CSD, Preston, IA.  She was co-founder/director-teacher of the WEE SCHOOL for Little People, Clinton, IA, for twenty-five years.