Three Poems: “Glowing From Within,” “She Continued,” and “The Boundary Waters”

Glowing from Within
By Karen Kayser-Kemp

Ambers glow from the warmth within.
The burning light draws me in
To the secrets hidden in my soul
Beneath my breast, ready to unfold.

A fire’s purpose is not to burn
Only warm and sooth, in turn,
Those who place their feet near the ring
Just wishing for some comforting.

Smoke occasionally billows in the eyes,
Drawing tears and coughs and some surprise.
Like careless words that do not wain
Cause shock and hurt to people whose aim
Is to forgive those from which it came.

She Continued
By Karen Kayser-Kemp

She stood near the hot stove,
For years withstood the heat of the fire.
Wielding the heavy pan in her worn hands,
Taking blows and ridicule on her tired body.

Controlling the weight of the pan,
Avoiding conflict at all cost.
Without much thinking or thought,
Unsophisticated and unaware.

She continued.
Not allowing a single kernel to burn,
Not permitting a single child to be wounded.
Intoxicating aroma of butter and popcorn lingered,
Silent memories of a strong mother resound.

The Boundary Waters
by Karen Kayser-Kemp

Mist creeps silently
onto lakes, as days slip away
and nights settle in.

After teaching English for 32 years, 29 of those years at New Hampton High School, Karen Kayser-Kemp moved into the role of Curriculum and Professional Development Lead as part of the Teacher Leadership Program. As a teacher, Karen encouraged her students to write from their hearts, which is what she modeled in her own writing.