Three-year-old Bedtime

a poem of love (and frustration)

Nikki Smith, Teacher Writer

The three-year-old (Nikki Smith)

Pick a book 

(Read 2 pages)

I need drink of water

Not that book—this book

No I have to climb up the chair this way 

(Read book 2)

I have to see if the moon is there 

(Checks clock)

(Name every character 

On every page)

Three-year-old Bedtime


Time for bed

Oh look, this book 

You forgot to turn off the light, Mommy 

Climb in bed 


I have this blanket 

You need play yellow Ed Sheeran song

For me, my Mila, Daddy 

Can I have this blanket?

I think I don’t need this blanket

Where’s my abc’s pillow? 

I need a drink 

Do you need help? 

No I got it 

I have to go potty. 

You need help? 


I so happy with you Mommy. 

Pee pee not working. Try again later. 


I lay down over here on this side?


My koala need blankie

(Cover, uncover, cover)

Mommy, you snuggle me two minutes 

I have a me-a-ta-tion. I pick. 

Lambie is a pocket pal

He not listen to my friends 

(Flips and twist hands

Points to imaginary friends)

You go back to the chair


I think Mommy I don’t need my koala 

I think Mommy I don’t need the blankets 

I think I don’t need my Lambie 

Can I put this book right by here 

To get to it later? 

(Flip through pages)

Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?

Where Daddy go?