Invitation to Write for ICTE

Time to practice what you preach! Put your mind in motion and your pen to the page!

Adult students studying together

Writing for the Iowa Council of Teachers of English

  • promotes the art of writing,
  • connects English teaching professionals, and
  • builds the ICTE community of learning.

Each month we will send out a writing topic to all ICTE members. The topic “Winning Beginnings!” is our August topic. Within this topic you could cover several things:  hopes for your classroom, reflections from last year, advice for new teachers, your most successful strategies/gimmicks, or any other ideas that would help teachers start their year on a positive note.

We encourage all members to engage in discussion, reflection, and writing around this topic. We ask that all writings be submitted by the 1st of the following month, so in this case, September 1. However, we would encourage you to submit earlier rather than later. If your piece is selected, it will be published on the ICTE website, tweeted out on the ICTE twitter feed, and promoted on our Facebook group by the 7th of the month.

But there is more! We want to fill our website with your writings. The ICTE editorial board knows how busy you are, so feel free to comb through previous writings from your blog, teacher website, or academic past. In addition to the monthly writing topic, we want to publish your reflections, book reviews, commentaries, anecdotes, strategies, video essays, creative writings,  responses to what you’re reading (professional or personal readings), and cartoons!

Here are the submission guidelines:

  • Entries should be around 300-600 words with flexibility for individual writings.
  • Manuscripts are subject to editing by ICTE’s editorial team.
  • Submit via the google.form here:  Writing Submission Form.