SCOA Newsletter — December 2017


December 2017

NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates


At this Annual Convention breakfast, NCTE leaders and affiliate representatives gather to celebrate the accomplishments of the current year and look ahead to what’s next. At this year’s event, NCTE Affiliate Awards were given to more than two dozen affiliates and individuals in ten categories.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 NCTE Affiliate Awards!
Emily Kirkpatrick, NCTE Executive Director, addressed affiliate leaders on Sunday morning, celebrating the important work being done by NCTE affiliates at state and local levels.
Franki Sibberson, NCTE President-Elect, shared her thoughts about how her involvement with NCTE has enriched and strengthened her work as a classroom teacher.
Breakfast speakers included representatives from the three organizations that won the Student Affiliate Award. As these students prepare for their careers in literacy education, they find that membership in NCTE and in their own student affiliates provides valuable access to resources and support.
“It’s hard to imagine NCTE without Millie Davis,” wrote former SCOA representative Steve Hubbard. Millie will be retiring in early February, and this year’s breakfast included a tribute to her and her years of service to NCTE as Affiliate Director. Watch for more about Millie, her career, and her future plans in next month’s newsletter.
Do you have affiliate photos to share from the Convention in St. Louis? We’d love to see them! Please add your pics to our Google Drive folder here. If you see pictures you’d like to use in your affiliate newsletter, feel free to download what you need and use them in your publications.

Typically, SCOA summer leadership meetings have brought together half of NCTE affiliates one year and the other half the next, but last July’s meeting in Atlanta was different. Affiliate representatives from all eight NCTE regions gathered together for what proved to be an inspiring exchange of new ideas and best practices.

Affiliate leaders expressed overwhelming support for continuing the practice of having all regions meet together. Going forward, NCTE will sponsor a biennial leadership meeting for all affiliates, with the next one to be held in 2019.


During the SCOA Town Hall at the Convention last month, suggestions were put forward as to how NCTE and SCOA can continue to support affiliates in the off years when there will be no summer meeting. Possibilities include a three-hour workshop on Thursday at the 2018 NCTE Annual Convention, with break-out sessions providing time for attendees to work on specific projects such as starting a newsletter or improving membership record keeping; and a series of virtual meetings, each devoted to an identified affiliate need or area of interest.

More information on these opportunities will be coming soon. Please complete the survey below, indicating priorities for your affiliate and any additional suggestions for workshop topics.

Survey of Affiliate Needs

As Region 5 and Region 7 representatives Dixie Keyes and Curt Bobbitt transition from SCOA, the committee thanks them for their years of service and welcomes two new members: Lawrence Baines and Jeana Hrepich. We also welcome a new SCOA Newsletter editor, Tracy Kriese, Region 6 representative.

Region 5 will be represented by Lawrence Baines, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and a Professor of English Education at the University of Oklahoma.
Region 7 will be represented by Jeana Hrepich, Associate Chair and Core Faculty of the College of Education at Antioch University in Seattle, Washington.
Tracy Kriese is the new SCOA newsletter editor. Tracy teaches seventh grade English in Austin, Texas and serves as the SCOA representative for Region 6.
Looking for an effective way to connect with affiliate members? The Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts has found Google Forms to be a great communication tool. Karla Hayslett, Executive Director of OCTELA, sent an email to members inviting those who were presenting at NCTE to fill out this form so that OCTELA could “support, highlight, and promote [their] members’ hard work.” 
Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to promote your affiliate and bring members together. The New England Association of Teachers of English sponsors a Twitter chat each month. The invitation to join in the conversation is open to all, not just NEATE members. Choosing current topics of interest in literacy education attracts participation from a wide range of voices. Check out @NEATofEnglish for inspiration!
How has your affiliate used tools such as Google forms? What Twitter chat topics have been successful for your affiliate? Share your ideas with us so we can include them in future newsletters.
Student Awards
Teachers, the following student award programs will be accepting submissions in mid-December: The Achievement Awards in Writing (for high school juniors) and Promising Young Writers (for 8th graders). Here is your chance to have your students’ work acknowledged and recognized!

We are also looking for judges to review and score student writing and state coordinators to organize judging in their respective states.

Questions can be directed to aaor pyw.

The next #NCTEchat is scheduled for Sunday, December 17, at 8:00 PM. Join the conversation! NCTE Twitter chats provide affiliate members an opportunity to connect with one another and with a larger community of educators.
Proposals for the 2018 NCTE Annual Convention in Houston are due January 16.Need help writing a proposal? Complete the personal information section of the application by Dec. 27 and you’ll see an option to request an NCTE coach to guide you through the rest of the process.
Tax Exempt forms are due January 30 for all affiliates in NCTE’s tax-exempt group. Not yet a member of the group? Go here to complete an application. Send any questions to Millie Davis.
Information about the NCTE Affiliate Awardswill be sent out in late January. Make plans now to apply on behalf of your affiliate so that your hard work can be recognized!
The Standing Committee on Affiliates sends this newsletter to leaders of NCTE affiliates. The representatives of the eight regions welcome content for and comments about previous and forthcoming issues.

Region 1: Lawrence Butti
Region 2: Margaret Ford
Region 3: Julie Rucker
Region 4: Cheryl Simonds
Region 5: L. A. Baines
Region 6: Tracy Kriese
Region 7: Jeana Hrepich
Region 8: Stacey Takanishi
Chair: Jean Boreen

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