What Teacher-Writers Want

Collected poems written during ICTE Fall Conference 2019


ICTE strives to use authentic photos in its posts. This photo captures a page of teacher-writer Allison Berryhill’s journal.

Allison Berryhill, ICTE Publications Co-chair

Teacher-writers gathered in the Meadows Room at 2019 ICTE Fall Conference Thursday evening to put pen to the page. Again on Friday, during “Active Voice: A Teacher-Writer Round Table,” we opened our time together with one of my favorite poem-model writing prompts.

Mirroring C. G. Hanzlicek’s beautiful poem “What I Want Is” invites us to explore our desires. As we unspool our wants, we learn about ourselves and each other.

Several attendees allowed me to share their poems. Please appreciate this collection–all written during about six minutes of warm-up time–and then set your timer and write your own. Use Hanzlicek’s poem as your model, and let your wants unfold! Post your poem to comments below.

Writers thrive in a community of sharing. Thanks to all of you teacher-writers who are pushing yourselves to walk the talk.

Erika Bass


Haley Moehlis
Victor Mena
























Kim Van Es

























Brenna Griffen



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Allison Berryhill