GG: A Poem


Brandon Baggett

A visit to his grandmother’s bedroom sparked Brandon Baggett’s poem.

Brandon Baggett, Teacher Writer



engulfed in darkness,

once illuminated

by your presence. 


Coats still hang in the closet

candy still sits in the secret stash

a sweet sound still in my ear

a tear.

Love still on my heart

and in my head,

I’m holding on by a thread.


Scouring this empty place

for blurred illusions

of once-occupied space:

Just watching television 

or reading a book

Just in the kitchen 

teaching a cook

Just here

in this house 

at this time

telling me it will be fine. 


When no one’s around,

weeping weary 

can you hear me?

The silence of sadness seeping 

out with a grimace

straining to find comfort within us

on a time past,

dreaming of days gone astray

straining to hold them fast. 


Undeleted voicemails

jar a memory

in sublime detail:

a temporary remedy. 


Wishing for different choices, 

wandering through this plane

retching from the pain. 

Wondering are you doing the same?


The poet with his grandmother. (Brandon Baggett)