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February 2016

NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates

NCTE Position Statement on Academic Freedom: NCTE has kept current its definitions of “academic freedom” and “inquiry.” The Position Statement on Academic Freedom also defines threats such as “indoctrination.” This policy overlaps the statement on intellectual freedom in emphasizing students’ “right to materials and educational experiences that promote open inquiry, critical thinking, diversity in thought and expression, and respect for others.” The policy lists five principles applying to students and educators, including “freedom of belief and identity.” See Millie Davis’s recent multimedia blog post with video clips from Yetta Goodman and the film Trumbo.

Affiliate Intellectual Freedom Awards: NCTE offers affiliates a chance to recognize at the national level one local individual, group, or institution per year for “advancing the cause of intellectual freedom.” The criteria for the award and the procedure for nominating a candidate appear on the affiliate awards area of the NCTE website. An affiliate must send information about its awardee to NCTE by May 1. NCTE also invites nominations for its annual National Intellectual Freedom Award.

List of Affiliate Conferences on NCTE Site: Affiliate leaders can help maintain NCTE’s list of forthcoming affiliate conferences. The list also provides valuable information about and links to local meetings. Conference planners, rejoice!

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Advocacy Day: Lu Ann McNabb would like to thank everyone who will be taking part in NCTE’s Advocacy Day for Literacy Education, Thursday, February 25, 2016, in Washington, DC. See Advocacy Day and Month for details about the continuing opportunities for NCTE’s ongoing advocacy work. Also remember your state’s policy analysts as a source of information about legislative issues and action.

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Affiliate Leadership Meeting July 8-10: Leaders from regions 2, 4, 5, and 6 can plan to attend the annual leadership meeting (with NCTE’s cost-share). The location for this year is the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel. More information about registration and hotel reservations will be forthcoming as plans are finalized.

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Profile of the Iowa Council, an Excellent Affiliate: The Iowa Council of Teachers of English (ICTE) offers its members local resources and reminders of the international scope of its members’ work. Two of the affiliates’ statements of identity cleverly reinforce the range:

The Iowa Council of Teachers of English is the volunteer organization that facilitates deep connections and professional learning face-to-face and online for English/language arts teachers of all stages.

We are dedicated to intellectual engagement, collaboration, and excellence.

As one of its myriad services to its members and NCTE, ICTE archives issues of the SCOA Newsletter on its website. Members of the Standing Committee applaud this wonderful republication.

The Standing Committee on Affiliates sends this monthly newsletter to leaders of NCTE affiliates. The representatives of the eight regions welcome content for and comments about previous and forthcoming issues.

Region 1: Meredith Potter
Region 2: Margaret Ford
Region 3: Julie Rucker
Region 4: Kathy Nelson
Region 5: Dixie Keyes
Region 6: Carol Revelle
Region 7: Curtis Bobbitt
Region 8: Nancy Himel
Chair: Jean Boreen

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