March 2015

2015 NCTE Affiliate Leadership Meeting in San Jose, CA.

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March 2015
NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates

San Jose, Here We Come: San Jose, California, is the site of the 2015 NCTE Affiliate Leadership Meeting, July 10-12. Affiliates sending representatives can now arrange flights or other travel. Registration and hotel information (the San Jose Hilton is the host hotel) can be found on the NCTE
website. Affiliates in regions 1, 3, 7, and 8 may take advantage of the cost-sharing program for this event. See theReimbursement Policy for details. All affiliates may send representatives but regions 2, 4, 5, and 6 do not qualify for reimbursement during odd-numbered years. (At right, affiliate leaders collaborate at the 2014 Leadership Meeting in Minneapolis.)

Background for Advocacy Month: Throughout March, NCTE encourages members to advocate actively for literacy. The Council’s blog includes a calendar of events and themes, along with an index of resources on topics such as intellectual freedom, disciplinary literacies, and standards.

Get on board with the NCTE Assessment Story Project: Take the survey and hear what the project is telling us.

Submit applications for Affiliate Awards: Most applications for NCTE affiliate awards are due by May 1. Officers responsible for publications, membership, and awards should review the application processes listed in the updated application forms. Browse the Affiliate Awards page.

Highlights from Regions: Steal-worthy Ideas from Region 4

The Illinois Association of Teachers of English (IATE) sponsors a state student prose and poetry competition and limits entries to students of member teachers. IATE also administers a Speakers’ Bureau.

The Minnesota Council of Teachers of English (MCTE) plans a spring conference at the end of April.

The Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English (WCTE)
posted a video on YouTube to promote the state conference in the fall. It includes short interviews with teachers and a student teacher who attended the 2014 conference.

From Region 2: The affiliates in Region 2 have been very busy promoting professional development for area educators. February was a busy month for the Maryland Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (MDTELA). This dedicated group of educators led the way during a state-wide National African-American Read-In held February 1-28. TheKentucky Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (KCTELA) and the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA) hosted their spring conferences the weekend of February 27 and 28. Both conferences boasted excellent speakers and provided top-notch breakout sessions for attendees.

And From Region 7: The Oregon Council of Teachers of English will host a spring conference on April 18. One of the keynote speakers, Jennie Harrop, will present, “The Mathematics of Language: The Simple Math of Writing Well” (see initial poem in the TED talk linked below).

International Poetry Slam Winner: Kathy Nelson, Region 4 representative, sent a TED talk link to Harry Baker reciting his poem “Paper People,” which won the international poetry slam competition. The introduction to the winning poem starts

at 5:25 of the linked video. Two excerpts from the poem appear below as this month’s artistic addition/conclusion.

I could build a pop up metropolis.
but I wouldn’t wanna deal with all the paper people politics,
paper politicians with their paper-thin policies,
broken promises without appropriate apologies.
There’d be a little paper me, and a little paper you,
and we’d watch paper TV and it would all be paper view.
We’d watch the poppy paper rappers rap about their paper package or watch paper people carriers get stuck in paper traffic on the A4. There’d be a paper princess Kate but we’d all stare at paper Pippa, and then we’d all live in fear of killer Jack the paper ripper.

…but in a pop up population people’s problems pop up too.
there’d be a pompous paper parliament who remained out of touch, and who ignored the peoples protests about all the paper cuts,
then the peaceful paper protests would get blown to paper pieces,
by the confetti cannons manned by pre-emptive police.

Affiliate Officers and NCTE Membership: According to the “Rules for Affiliation,” all members of the governing board of the affiliate shall be members of the National Council of Teachers of English. Kirstey Ewald: Is your membership up-to-date? Our records show your dues are paid through: 06/30/2015. You can renew/join on the NCTE website. If you have questions, please call our Customer Service Department at 877-369-6283, Monday-Friday,8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CT.

The Standing Committee on Affiliates sends this monthly newsletter to leaders of NCTE affiliates. The representatives of the eight regions welcome content for and comments about

previous and forthcoming issues.

Region 1: Meredith Potter Region 2: Debbie Thomas Region 3: Steve Hubbard Region 4: Kathy Nelson Region 5: Dixie Keyes Region 6: Carol Revelle Region 7: Curt Bobbitt Region 8: Nancy Himel Chair: Jean Boreen

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