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August 2016


NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates

This Month’s NCTE Policy Statement – Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing: This newly-revised statement originated in 2004 as “NCTE Beliefs about the Teaching of Writing.” The statement has ten labeled sections, each one with a definition of an individual principle, a response to the question “what does this mean for teaching?,” and a list of linked resources. The entire statement or individual sections provide ideas for affiliates’ websites, publications, conferences, and ongoing discussions.

  • Writing grows out of many purposes
  • Writing is embedded in complex social relationships and their appropriate languages
  • Composing occurs in different modalities and technologies
  • Conventions of finished and edited texts are an important dimension of the relationship between writers and readers
  • Everyone has the capacity to write; writing can be taught; and teachers can help students become better writers
  • Writing is a process
  • Writing is a tool for thinking
  • Writing has a complex relationship to talk
  • Writing and reading are related
  • Assessment of writing involves complex, informed, human judgment
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Successful Affiliate Leadership Meeting (ALM) in St. Louis:Photographs of the leaders at work and the projects they produced show the delight and diligence that defined all three days of the meeting. Millie Davis, Emily Kirkpatrick, and Jocelyn Chadwick reminded participants of NCTE’s dynamic work and how affiliates complement the Council’s goals.

NCTE’s Executive Committee has invited members of SCOA to its November meeting prior to the Annual Convention. Regional representatives welcome suggestions and questions from all affiliates to take to that meeting.

Collaborative Plans for Region 2: Marge Ford, SCOA Representative for Region 2, described the initiatives for the regional level developed at this year’s ALM.

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Region 2 focused its energies on “Conversation, Collaboration, Communication, and Conferencing.” We began by talking about the needs of our affiliates and the role a regional affiliate could play in that story. We were fortunate to have with us Glenda Daulario, the previous Region 2 Representative, who was able to remind us of those past directions so that we could move forward more effectively.

Through the resulting Conversation, we all agreed that we are not in competition with each other and, so, looked for ways to Collaborate. We decided our individual affiliates can only be strengthened by that Collaboration. With the approval of our various affiliate boards, we hope to share affiliate news through our Region 2 Facebook page, web sites, and other appropriate social media. We plan to share information about upcoming calls for proposals for our journals.

Some of those Collaborative action plan items flow into Communication as well. One member from each affiliate will act as a liaison to the Region so we don’t lose track of what is going on in the affiliates. Each affiliate will take turns writing a Spotlight Story featuring a Teacher of the Month – putting a “face” to the affiliate and that positive energy our members bring to the profession. We plan to share publications – journals and newsletters. Most importantly, we hope to reach out to the affiliates in our region who are struggling and offer our support. Hopefully, they will be at the next Leadership Meeting!

Since we all agreed that our Conferences were a major way of strengthening membership, we plan on sharing information about upcoming conferences, including calls for proposals. Hopefully, we can attend each other’s Conferences and learn from one another. We all agreed that we would love to extend the energy generated by Conferences beyond the day or two of the actual gathering. With the expertise of Joe Pizzo, we hope to attempt at least one virtual Professional Development experience through Edmodo open to all affiliate members of Region 2.

The Region 2 meeting generated many chapters we hope will contribute to our story of affiliate and regional success.

Superior NCTE Blog Post: After the Affiliate Leadership Meeting, Dixie Keyes, SCOA Representative for Region 5, posted to the NCTE blog a detailed profile of the Arkansas Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts (ACTELA). The article lists several accomplishments of the affiliate and its members during the previous academic year, complete with photographs.

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ACTELA received NCTE’s recognition as an Affiliate of Excellence for this and other service to the profession. Dixie’s final paragraph summarizes the reasons:

“In short, we support one another and our members. We listen and offer advice to teachers who tell us their book challenge stories and how their autonomy is diminished in this age of accountability. We listen to them when they revel in the professional networking spaces of our conference. We know our initiatives matter when they are thankful for the anthology. We are all English teachers, although in varying roles. We are the ACTELA board, we are family, and we give one another hope.”

More Excellent Affiliates Receive the NCTE Honor: In addition to the Arkansas Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts (ACTELA), the following seven affiliates earned the status of excellence from NCTE. Representatives will receive certificates at the Affiliate Roundtable Breakfast on Sunday, November 20, at the Annual Convention in Atlanta.

  • Georgia Council of Teachers of English (GCTE)
  • Iowa Council of Teachers of English (ICTE)
  • New Jersey Council of Teachers of English (NJCTE)
  • New York State English Council (NYSEC)
  • Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA)
  • Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (TCTELA)
  • Virginia Association of Teachers of English (VATE)

Student Affiliate Excellence Award – Deadline Extended: Submit your application for the Student Affiliate Excellence Award by September 15.

Annual Reports: Affiliate presidents and executive directors, please complete the annual report for your affiliate. The electronic forms are available on the NCTE website. Separate forms are available for student affiliates to file their annual reports. Please submit by September 15.

Updated Page for 2016 Atlanta Convention: NCTE’s preview of the 2016 NCTE Annual Convention continues to evolve with a new video from NCTE President-Elect/Program Chair, Susan Houser. She describes the integration of that advocacy theme throughout the program for Atlanta in November. The site also profiles the primary speakers and offers direct links to register and reserve lodging.

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The Standing Committee on Affiliates sends this monthly newsletter to leaders of NCTE affiliates. The representatives of the eight regions welcome content for and comments about previous and forthcoming issues.

Region 1: Meredith Potter
Region 2: Margaret Ford
Region 3: Julie Rucker
Region 4: Kathy Nelson
Region 5: Dixie Keyes
Region 6: Carol Revelle
Region 7: Curtis Bobbitt
Region 8: Stacey Takanishi
Chair: Jean Boreen

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